Buttle UK offers grants using the following Lottery terms and conditions:

1. By submitting an application to Buttle UK, the individual, on behalf of the referral agency, named in the application (referred to as “you” in these Terms and Conditions) agrees to:

1.1. Administer and supervise the grant award and ensure that the grant spend is in accordance with the award letter and these terms and conditions. The grant award should be treated as restricted funding, and can only be spent on the items awarded;
1.2. Only purchase items agreed in the award email and ensure value for money is achieved. Do not purchase any other items without seeking agreement from Buttle UK.
1.3. Upload receipts to the Buttle UK system within 8 weeks of the grant payment being made. Any grant monies not spent within 8 weeks will be returned to Buttle UK without delay;
1.4. Act lawfully in carrying out the award in accordance with best practice and guidance from your regulators, and follow any guidelines issued by us about the grant or use of the grant, and let us know promptly about any fraud, other impropriety, mismanagement or misuse in relation to the grant award;
1.5. Confirm that your organisation adopts and implements an appropriate written safeguarding policy, obtains written consent from legal carers or guardians and carries out background checks for all employees, volunteers, trustees or contractors as required by law.
1.6. If required, allow Buttle UK and/or the Comptroller and Auditor General (of the National Audit Office) reasonable access to your premises and systems to inspect grant records; and

2. You acknowledge that Buttle UK are entitled to suspend or terminate the grant and/or require you to repay all or any of the grant in any of the following situations. You must let us know if any of these situations have occurred or are likely to occur.

2.1. You use the grant in any way other than as approved by us or fail to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions.
2.2. You provide us with false or misleading information either on application or after award of the grant, act dishonestly or are under investigation by us, a regulatory body or the police, or if we consider that public funds are at risk or will bring us or the National Lottery into disrepute.
2.3. Your organisation enters into, or in our view are likely to enter into, administration, liquidation, receivership, or dissolution.
2.4. You receive any grant money incorrectly either as a result of an administrative error or otherwise and do not return it to us within a reasonable time.

3. You acknowledge that:

3.1. The grant is for the use agreed when the grant was awarded and if the family or young person were to sell any item purchased with the grant, we may require them to pay us back;
3.2. We have no liability for any costs or consequences incurred by you or third parties that arise directly or indirectly from the grant award, nor from non-payment or withdrawal of the grant, save to the extent required by law;
3.3. These terms and conditions will continue to apply for 2 months after the grant is paid out in full and receipts approved, excluding clause 3.1, which will apply for 12 months.
3.4. If the application and grant award are made electronically, the agreement between us shall be deemed to be in writing and your online acceptance of these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be the equivalent of your signature on that agreement.