This could be due to a variety of reasons:

1) Prepaid cards must be activated before they can be used for the first time. Please ensure the prepaid card is activated.

2) If using the card online at Asda/George or Halfords, you will need to save the card details first before making payment. But do remember to delete the card details afterwards. To protect against scams or fraud, never give the pin/passcode to anyone else. If asked to enter a billing address, please enter the family/young person's address. The prepaid card terms and conditions are available here.

3) The prepaid card cannot be used to complete transactions defined as 'recurring payments' i.e.  goods/services charged for periodic (e.g. weekly, monthly, or yearly) and automatic payments within a set amount of time. A small number of retailers process all of their transactions as if they were recurring payments, including ASDA George and You will not be able to use the prepaid card to purchase goods or services from such retailers. 

4) If you return to a website to purchase more items, please ensure the personal details you enter are the same as the first time. Otherwise, the retailer may think the card is being used fraudulently and you may be blocked from using it on their website.

5) You can make up to 20 transactions in one calendar day. How do I find the PIN for my prepaid card.

6) You will be asked to enter the PIN after 6 contactless transactions or after the cumulative contactless transaction amount reaches £130, whichever comes first.

7) If the card isn’t working, it might be because the item is considered ineligible for purchase under the card usage terms.

8) There is not enough money on the card to complete the purchase


If you need to discuss a declined transaction, please contact QCS Customer Service Team on 0203 409 4432.

**Please also note**

In 2022 new rules called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) have been introduced by financial services for online purchases. When you use the prepaid card online, this could mean you receive a passcode via text message to check the purchase is by you.  It is vital that the mobile number associated with your Buttle prepaid card is up to date. If you are unable to receive a text message to authenticate your purchase, you will be unable to complete the transaction.

If you wish to update your mobile number, please contact