This could be due to a variety of reasons:


  • Prepaid cards must be activated before they can be used for the first time. Please ensure the prepaid card is activated.
  • If you are purchasing items in-store, you can make up to 8 transactions in a day before a PIN will be required. How do I find the PIN for my prepaid card?
  • If you return to a website to purchase more items, please ensure the personal details you enter are the same as the first time. Otherwise, the retailer may think the card is being used fraudulently and you may be blocked from using it on their website.
  • If the card isn’t working, it might be because the item is considered ineligible for purchase under the card usage terms.

To discuss a declined transaction, please contact QPay Customer Service Team on 0203 409 4432

**Please also note:**

From 15 September 2021, new rules called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) have been introduced that change how you confirm your identity when making purchases online. This could mean you receive a passcode via text message to check the purchase is by you. SCA is being introduced to help reduce fraud. 

Some shops and merchants can choose to not apply the SCA checks. In doing this, it may lead to the purchase being cancelled by the card provider, as they would then consider the payment to be high risk. 

If this happens, please try the transaction again. At present only a small percentage of transactions are being checked for SCA. Merchants are not expected to be fully up to speed until the UK Finance deadline in March 2022. 

It is vital the mobile number associated with your Buttle prepaid card is up to date. If you are unable to receive a text message to authenticate your purchase, you will be unable to complete the transaction. If you wish to update your mobile number please contact