At Buttle UK we aim to provide grants that offer holistic support to children and young people who have experienced crisis. We have to consider any request for funding therapy and counselling carefully, as it can be a very high proportion of the overall grant. 

We will only occasionally consider funding to support children who would benefit from a time-limited therapy intervention or bridge support between services.  

We ask that you exhaust all other options for support before requesting funding for counselling and therapy from Buttle UK.  Please check with your Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and, if they cannot help, please ask them what other alternative support exists.

We do not award grants to organisations seeking funding for chargeable therapy services they provide themselves.

We will not:

  • Fund assessments for therapy and counselling.
  • Fund local authority ‘spot purchasing’ for therapy and counselling as this increases the cost of the support.
  • Fund only or predominantly therapy or counselling in a grant.

Budget permitting, we may consider funding:

  • A time limited therapy intervention or bridge support between services.
  • Counselling or therapy at a cost of up to £60 an hour.  Any request above this price must make a case for why it is more expensive. Sometimes, we might partially fund the support.
  • Up to a maximum of 12 sessions.
  • Support from qualified therapists only.

Please check these links for other support and information on therapy and counselling support: